Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Monday, September 8, 2008


I created my first Animoto today. Actually I had enough pictures to create two about the same topic. I found pictures in Flickr Creative Commons of geometric shapes in everyday life and used them for my subject. I used the same music for both Animotos.
They would make a great TEASER for a geometry lesson or unit. Students could create their own, take their own photos, almost any combination of things.

Now how do I get it onto my blog?

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Table 3 PhotoStory

I made a PhotoStory using pictures taken during Julian Franklin's visit to Frostwood. The presentation was about simple machines and encouraged students to use their library to look up books about simple machines and science experiments. He is a Frostwood favorite.
PhotoStory is easy to create and edit. Cropping photos really helps. I added a title page using a Powerpoint slide as a jpeg (thanks for the idea Karen). It was added after the photos and edited in. The music is easy to find in Incompetech and to add. I enjoy making photostories.

Table 2 Audio Manipulation

This is the first time I have played with Audacity. I had a bit of trouble getting the microphone to work but once Liz worked with it we got it to work and I recorded a story. I found some music to go with it that fit beautifully but had a hard time understanding how to get them together. It was easy to edit. Posting to a Wiki was unsuccessful. I uploaded and downloaded on iTunes.

Table 4 Video

As a group we downloaded a video from TeacherTube. We also transferred a video from YouTube using Zamzar. I have used Zamzar before and found it very easy to use. As a group we used MovieMaker and worked through all of the items listed. It seemed easy to follow but I would like to work with it on my own this weekend to make sure I feel comfortable with it.
Wednesday night - I made my own Movie Maker movie, but when I watched it I discovered that the voices sounded like chipmunks. I have no idea what happened but just can't deal with making another at this time. I feel pretty good about the process of putting it together and editing it and such.

Table 1 Image Manipulation

I found several photos of frogs in Discovery Education and Flickr Creative Commons. I changed the size of them in Powerpoint and in InfanView. I made a trading card using one of the images. I changed the images that I used for the card because it wouldn't take the image I changed in IrfanView so I used the one I use in my Powerpoint.